For more than 5,000 years, the world of quality wine has been directed by a set of guidelines or rules that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Whilst we at Byron & Harold recognise and understand those past parameters, we have determined to enhance these principles and create our own new protocols for the lively and exciting future of one of Australia’s most important and respected sources of premium quality wine – Margaret River.

Rather than blindly ‘obeying’ what went before, we are establishing our own set of guiding principles that cover every facet of farming grapes – variety, soil type, temperature, rainfall, sunshine hours, seasonal variation, pruning style, bud counts, vintage timing, yield and so very much more. These protocols are the product of observation, experience, and outcome. Of knowing and understanding our own environment and recognising the inherent potential of the land we farm. We are taking advantage of the history of the region – however, with new eyes, fresh hands, and boundless vigour we are embarking on an energetic and bright future of quality winemaking.

These Protocol wines are the result of many years of ‘hands on’ experience in both the vineyard and cellar. We hope you agree that they have served us well. 


October 23, 2022