Good wine reflects the land from which it comes, a vehicle by which terroir tells its story to the drinker. The natural beauty of the Western Australian wine regions begets naturally beautiful wine, and it is the job of our talented winemaker Rory Parks to communicate this in every glass of Byron & Harold wine. At his disposal is the elegant cool-climate fruit for our signature Great Southern wines and the bolder richly structured Margaret River grapes for the powerful Margaret River wines. With this enviable access to world-class vineyards and the concentrated and powerful grapes they produce, Rory skilfully crafts wines that showcase these regions we are so proud of.

No time is more important to this process than Summer, when across Margaret River vineyards and the Great Southern wineries are beginning their yearly vintage process. It is crucial to start the harvest at the right time before the grapes begin to languish in the hot February sun and lose the all-important acidity that keeps the finished wines structured and fresh. At the same time, beginning vintage too early might mean compromising flavour intensity as certain varieties of grapes have not had the time needed to fully ripen and develop. Because of Rory's and his team's expertise, we’re able to pick the grapes at their apex of ripeness and structure. Great wine starts with great fruit, and this is one of the most important steps in the process of producing the best Western Australian wines possible.

While Summer is a time of hard work in the Margaret River and Great Southern wineries, it is a time of pleasure for most other visitors to the region. Long warm sunshine-filled days and mild comfortable evenings are conducive to outdoor activities and alfresco dining. From all over the world visitors flock to the area to enjoy these pursuits and indulge in the many delights on offer.

There is a wine for every occasion in the Byron and Harold collection, but we think the hot days and warm evenings call for a chilled glass of a showcase varietal (and Ralph’s personal favourite wine), the Partners Great Southern Riesling. There is an argument that there is no better grape than Riesling for displaying all the nuance of terroir, and what better way to relax in the Great Southern than with a glass of this stunning wine in your hand?

Byron & Harold ‘The Partners’ Great Southern Riesling

Nothing complements fresh, delicate seafood dishes like a classic dry Riesling. Well suited for a balmy summer evening, a glass of this will be refreshing, crisp and dry with notes of citrus – perfect to serve alongside lemony pasta with prawns. Go easy on the garlic as this can easily overpower the prawns but feel free to add a dash of chilli flakes as Riesling can easily handle the spice.

February 22, 2023